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Netflix’s Wednesday Image Hints At Addams Family Daughter’s Modern Look

A new Wednesday image shows off Jenna Ortega’s heroine. Jane the Virgin alum Ortega is leading the cast of Tim Burton’s Netflix horror-comedy series as the titular Addams Family daughter. The show centers on Wednesday’s time at the Nevermore Academy. While at the institution, Wednesday gets mired in a monstrous killing spree in a neighboring town that is connected to her family’s past. Catherine Zeta-Jones, Luis Guzmán, Isaac Ordonez, George Burcea, and Victor Dorobantu co-star as the Addams Family, while original Wednesday actress Christina Ricci is also attached in an undisclosed role.

Now, Netflix has shared a new image featuring Ortega’s lead character lounging with a friend, showing how her characterization blends both classic and new elements. It’s hard to discern the identity of the other character in the picture, but their outfit includes an interesting detail. Their sock bears an emblem that is not Nevermore’s, which means this could be an Easter egg pointing to the presence of a rival school in the show. Take a look at the Wednesday image below.

Previously, Ricci teased the wardrobe for Wednesday, suggesting it harkens back to the characters’ costumes from the original cartoon strip, but with a modern spin. The new image backs those comments, as Ortega’s look features the morbid teenager’s trademark ponytails and black overalls combined with a contemporary flair that fits the Burton-esque visual aesthetic. The titular character’s fashion sense seems to be a defining aspect of her evolution throughout Wednesday, and it will be intriguing to see how viewers respond to her updated gothic vibe.


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