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Moon Knight: F. Murray Abraham Came Up With Multiple Different Khonshu Voices

Moon Knight came to an end earlier this year, and Marvel fans are eager to learn if there will be a second season. Oscar Isaac recently talked about being locked into Marvel contracts, but it seems like the actor does want to return. Another Moon Knight actor who has expressed interest in coming back is F. Murray Abraham who provided the voice of the bird-headed Egyptian god, Khonshu. During a recent chat with Discussing Film, Abraham revealed he worked on different voices for the role.

“Oscar is an old friend, we did Shakespeare together as well as Inside Llewyn Davis with the Coen brothers. But he says he was not involved in getting me in [Moon Knight], he said Marvel came up with it. It’s one of those lucky things in my profession. I think in this life, luck plays a big part,” Abraham shared. “I asked Mohamed [Diab] how he thought of me and he said it was obvious to him. That didn’t answer my question [laughs], but I told him that when I got the script, I really prepared and worked on different voices for Khonshu because I had no idea what they were looking for. We hadn’t had any discussions. So I tried different things. Then when I introduced the voices to him, he said, ‘No, I want your regular voice, I want you to do it as if you were the guy.’ So it was really Mohamed’s idea and it worked out. Apparently a lot of people like it!”

Abraham previously told Marvel.com that his love of Khonshu keeps him hopeful that the character’s time on screen isn’t finished. “Oh, Khonshu’s a treat. He’s fun. That’s really one of the things that people forget about, in the work we do, is we talk about how hard this is and what we have to accomplish, but it’s also fun. That’s what people seem to forget,” Abraham shared. “And that’s another thing about Khonshu- he’s really fun. He’s dangerous. Also, it’s touching sometimes because he’s really willing to sacrifice himself. That’s something that you and I didn’t talk about, but the fact is that that’s very unselfish of him. He really cares.”

“I feel that that’s one of the sources of his power, that he is willing to demand of everyone else the same thing that he’s demanding of himself,” the actor continued. “And that’s sacrifice. And I love that about him. It’s honorable. I don’t want to make it more than it is, but I’m telling you I feel that strongly about him. I happen to like the character very much.”


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