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Midsomer Murders star John Nettles looks unrecognisable in throwback to early career

idsomer Murders may have seen a number of its investigators come and go throughout the times – but John Nettles’ turn as DCI Tom Barnaby remains a classic part of the murder riddle series. The actor appeared in the show for over ten times – cementing his name as a television fave. But previous to Midsomer Murders, the actor had a successful career in a number of other shows and flicks. Take a look back at his career, below – and you might be surprised at how different helooks!After performing in amateur shows during university, John also joined the Royal Court Theatre and began his career on the stage. John went on to secure his first ever screen part in the American film One further Time. Just one time latterly, he landed a regular part in television drama A Family At War – which vented for twoyears.But it was when John landed his part in Bergerac that he came a ménage name. John took on the nominal character, Jim Bergerac, and played the part for ten times between 1981 and 1991. After Bergerac, John returned to the stage and completed numerous shows with the Royal Shakespeare Company, before securing his job on Midsomer Murders. Alongside his stint in Midsomer Murders, John appeared in a number of other well- known shows similar as twinkle and French & Saunders. His most recent part after Midsomer Murders was in 2016 and 2017, when he played Ray Penvenen in the alternate and third series of BBC drama Poldark. John played the part of DCI Barnaby until 2011 and was latterly replaced by Neil Dudgeon. At the time, the actor opened up about his decision to leave to TheTelegraph.He explained” I noway allowed
when we were rephotographing the airman The Killings at Badger’s Drift in 1996 that I would go on to retake so numerous occurrences. It has been a joy to be involved in such a long- running series with so numerous good actors and great stories. It’s the end of an period for me.”

He added” I suddenly realised that I am going to be the oldest operative in the business now that David Jason has thrown off the mantle. But it was a veritably delicate decision to make. I will have been doing Midsomer Murders for 14 times by the time Barnaby leaves. I have formed domestic ties with the people involved in the show and they will be hard to break. It’s always wise to leave people wanting more, rather than be booed off the stage because you bored them.”


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