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Meghan Markle bashed for Oprah ‘mistake’, asked to silence her cries

Meghan Markle bashed for Oprah ‘mistake’, asked to silence her cries Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are asked to keep mum on their time with the royal family.

Lashing out at the couple for their infamous Oprah Winfrey sit-in, where Meghan accused the royal family of being racist, a renowned historian Lady Antonia Fraser said: “Now I’m afraid [appearing on] Oprah Winfrey was worse than a crime; it was a mistake. “I just wish vainly she’d shut up. And Prince Harry. And Prince Andrew,” she told The Daily Telegraph. “I’d like to see another photograph by the Duchess of Cambridge rather than read another thing about Prince Harry.”

Meghan and Harry appeared on Oprah show in 2021. During their chat with the American host, the Duchess confessed she contemplated suicide many times during her stay with the royals in UK.Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are being rocked by new bombshell allegations that are “eroding” their credibility, a royal commentator has claimed. Writing for Sky News Australia, commentator Daisy Cousens has criticised Harry’s performance at the UN, pointed out “lamenting a ‘global assault’ on democracy and freedom,” he then went on to tell the audience “transformative measures” were needed to avert climate change and that such action was “not up for debate”.

“A sentiment that, needless to say, embodies neither democracy nor freedom,” She added. Cousens went on to highlight royal author Tom Bower’s “bombshell” new book entitled “Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the war between the Windsors”. She concluded: “Every one of Bower’s claims is facilitating the steady dripping away of Harry and Meghan’s credibility. In the court of public opinion, it’s the monarchy that will ultimately be vindicated.”


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