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Max Verstappen verdict given by Pierre Gasly after ‘aggressive’ F1 start – EXCLUSIVE

MAX VERSTAPPEN looks set to secure back- to- back titles after erecting a massive 80- point lead over Charles Leclerc before the summerbreak.Max Verstappen has changed from a “ veritably aggressive ” racer to someone who has “ proven his eventuality ”, according to former Red Bull platoon- mate Pierre Gasly. The nascence Tauri star said the reigning champion was a bit “ raw ” when he first joined the sport and frequently made miscalculations ontrack.However, Gasly stresses Verstappen’s character has changed as he developed under the Red Bull package. He says Verstappen is now one of the most emotional motorists on the grid who delivers for the platoon every week.

The Dutchman has gone on to score eight palms from 13 races this season despite having the alternate-fastest auto at most tracks. Speaking simply to Express Sport, Gasly said “ I have been contending with Max for the once 15 times, indeed before Formula One, it’s been always violent to race against.
“ That’s what I always loved, the battles we ’ve had in the history. The close racing. He is obviously extremely talented. He’s excellent. I suppose the experience and the combination of what he erected with Red Bull Racing is just an incredibly effective package. “ They proved it. He was presumably a bit raw when he came in F1, veritably aggressive and made a couple of miscalculations at the launch indeed if he was always super competitive. But I suppose now over the last many times he has just fully proven his eventuality. “ He’s slightly doing any miscalculations and delivering weekend in and out and really performing at the stylish of what Red Bull give him. It’s veritably emotional but as I said, always amusing to race against him and I hope to have some really good and violent battles in the future against him. ”

Gasly was paired alongside Verstappen at Red Bull for the first half of 2019 after replacing Daniel Ricciardo. But, he plodded to match the Dutchman’s results and was disrated back to Red Bull’s inferior platoon after he was lapped by Verstappen at the Hungarian Grand Prix.


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