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Matt Damon’s Diet & Workout Routine for The Bourne Legacy

Matt Damon is one of the most well-known faces in Hollywood. You will undoubtedly recognize him as Jason Bourne even if you do not know him by his name.Damon is distinguished by his action sequences and the fact that he performs the majority of his stunts himself.Damon’s transformation into a super spy was brought about by a four week, high-intensity, heavyweight metabolic training regimen recommended by celebrity trainer Jason Walsh, the owner of L.A.’s Rise Nation.

Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne training focused on his entire body as opposed to concentrating on singular muscle groups. The advantage of this workout is that using more muscles results in a higher demand for oxygen, thus helping in burning calories. This is how Damon could lose weight while building muscle.To prepare for his shirtless sequences, he partook in cardio exercises. Famously, Damon used the VersaClimber, which is Jason Walsh’s favorite machine, as it provides the advantages of aerobics and tones the body.To prepare for his role as Jason Bourne, Damon carefully monitored his food. Despite strenuous exercise, his daily calorie limit was 2,000.

Lean animal protein, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and protein drinks would make up his six daily meals. When it came time to film, he cut back like a fighter to be as slim and chiseled as possible while drinking plenty of water.Damon consumed three hard-boiled eggs, a glass of milk, and some snacks before his first Bourne training. He would drink the first of his two daily protein drinks after his workout.Damon’s training with Jason Walsh is largely responsible for his exercise philosophy today. Walsh surprised Damon the most out of the twelve trainers he had. Instead of buffing him up, Walsh used training techniques that helped the actor develop an athletic physique, giving him mobility, flexibility, and all-around strength.


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