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Marvel’s Infinity Stone Heist Could Cost Iron Man Everything

Iron Man is a character who constantly is trying to redeem himself from his past mistakes, but it turns out Black Cat may have damned them both when she used Marvel’s Infinity Stones for her riskiest caper of all. Felicia Hardy’s revenge-fueled ex-girlfriend has teamed up with the formidable Iron Man foe Sunset Bain as seen in Iron Cat #2 by Jed MacKay, Pere Pérez, Frank D’Armata, VC’s Ariana Maher, and Nick Lowe. The two antagonists are already primed to destroy Iron Man and Black Cat, but the secret behind Felicia’s latest job may just be what leads them to truly go scorched Earth against the super thief and the Golden Avenger.

Tamara Blake, the current Iron Cat, is not merely a scorched ex-lover. She’s a super thief in her own right, perhaps only second to Black Cat herself. Any love or respect Tamara still held for Felicia has been quashed since she learned of Black Cat’s direct involvement in the death of their shared mentor, the Black Fox. On this intel alone Tamara managed to steal the Iron Cat suit right out from under Tony Stark’s nose and enticed Sunset Bain into collaborating with her on their mission for vengeance. Who knows what the super-criminal and a maniacal A.I. with the personality of one of Tony’s biggest tech rivals will be driven to do should Tamara ever discover that Black Cat had the chance to save Black Fox from his fate and chose not to?

The spiritual predecessor to the current Iron Cat book is the previous volume of the Black Cat solo series, which concluded in Jed MacKay, C.F. Villa, Brian Reber, Ferran Delgado, and Nick Lowe’s Giant-Size Black Cat: Infinity Score #1. In it, Felicia manages to bring together the hosts of three Infinity Stones: Overclock, the bearer of the Time Stone, Quantum, bearer of the Space Stone, and Star, bearer of the Reality Stone. Bringing even three of the Infinity People together is a huge risk, as they become more powerful when in proximity to each other as well as the fact that Star is a generally untrustworthy supervillain. Hijinks ensue, but Black Cat’s Infinity Heist is ultimately successful, and it’s revealed that the reason she took such a large gamble on the stone bearers was to cure Felicia’s mother’s cancer.

Iron Cat #2 cover by Pere Pérez.
As it stands, Black Fox is trapped and presumed dead after being imprisoned in the Vault, an inter-dimensional hoard owed by an alien wealth god. If there was a way for Black Cat to save Black Fox, it would have been by gathering all the Infinity People. The challenge is that it was a huge mess just to wrangle three of the Infinity Stone hosts, let alone all six. There’s no indication so far that Tamara knows about the Infinity Score, but one can only imagine her incredulity at how Felicia wasted the opportunity to save someone so important to both women. If there was any hope for Iron Cat and Sunset Bain to show Black Cat and Iron Man mercy, those chances will go right out the window if Tamara ever learns about how the Infinity Score went down.

Iron Man and Black Cat are odd pairings, but Iron Cat is drawing out the similarities between Tony Stark and Felicia Hardy. They share an appreciation for luxury and a playful desire for adventure. Unfortunately, Iron Man and Black Cat may also share a demise if Marvel finds a way for Tamara Blake to discover the events of the Infinity Score.


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