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Make Way for a Leonardo DiCaprio Relationship Update That You Weren’t Expecting

Lets get one thing straight: Leonardo DiCaprio has a disturbingly young dating history.

From allegedly getting with a 23 year old Blake Lively to reportedly taking out a 19 year old he has never dated anyone over the age of 25 which is worth a whole TED Talk at the very least. In fact Amy Schumer referenced this very thing in her 2022 Oscars monologue saying that his work to fight climate change will leave behind a cleaner planet for his girlfriends. Leo and his current GF Camila Morrone were not in attendance FYI otherwise things might have gotten weird during the commercial breaks.

Anyway we are here to focus on his longtime relationship with Camila. In true Leo form she is a ripe 20something her 25th bday was in June and falls solidly in his dating demo. But thats not all she is mmkay? With acting chops for days and a super famous family which actually connected the two lovers she has been poised to take over Hollywood.So heres everything you have ever wanted to know about his four year relationship with Camila and what she has to say about their 22 year age gap other than the fact that she thinks its nobodys business.Just Jared snagged a few pics of the longtime couple on a Malibu beach as they brought in Americas Independence Day. Admittedly none of the pics actually show Leo and Camila together he has seen chatting with friends while she takes the dogs for a stroll along the shoreline.


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