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Line Of Duty’s Adrian Dunbar reveals details of his character in ITV’s Ridley

Adrian Dunbar- best known as AC- 12 principal supervisor Ted Hastings in the hit BBC drama Line of Duty- has participated details of his character in ITV’s new operative drama, Ridley.

Adrian, 64, plays the title part of a retired operative- Alex Ridley- who is now working in a consultancy part. He resumes his cooperation with his former protégée, DI Carol Farman( Bronagh Waugh), now in charge of examinations- before their case takes a dark turn.
Blimey. That does not sound good!

Adrian, 64, suggested to directors of the new series that Alex might sing in a café he owns, as a way to reuse the death of his woman
and son in a fire. Adrian performed Louis Armstrong classic’ What A awful World’ on Irish talk show The Late Late Show in 2019. The Northern Irish actor told the Daily Mail that,” Ridley’s on a trip of redemption after a tragedy, so there are aspects of his personality, similar as his sense of humour, that we do not see originally. He is not at that place yet where he can laugh at effects but hopefully he’ll further down the line.”
Adrian said he is agitated to be playing a member of the police force other than the cherished Ted Hastings.

” Ted’s livery, especially the starched white shirt, did not do me any favours!” he said.” I met a woman in Tesco who said” You do not look nearly as fat as you do in Line Of Duty. It’s presumably those police- issue white shirts, is not it?” I allowed
” Charming!”
We are agitated about this bone
. You might say we are stinking diesel, in fact.


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