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Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2: 10 Things We Want

From a deeper plot better dungeons and larger world to getting to play as Zelda there are a lot of additions that fans want. Recently Nintendo announced the sequel of Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. Legend of Zelda the Breath of the Wild gained immense popularity throughout the years and the announcement of the sequel is exciting for all Zelda fans.

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 is set to release in early 2023 with its release due next year fans all around various forums are expressing their expectations and features they desire from the game. So in this article we will look at the ten most popular things that people are expecting from the sequel of this legendary gameMost of the Dungeons in Legend of Zeldas Breath of the Wild were shorter and consisted of three-room puzzles which were off putting for many players as the game required much more brains than brawn fans are expecting much more action from Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild 2.

According to players dungeons need to have more variety in game play and it would be creative to incorporate a lot of traditional and classical features of old Zelda games. A lot of people think that it would be exciting to add a few mazes in dungeons. The addition of a larger dungeon with much more combat could make this RPG game more engaging.Do you want to know about an upcoming survival game that might have amazing games? If so then consider checking out: Sons of the Forest Everything We KnFans would certainly love a Zelda game that traverses far beyond Hyrule for a change. They often wonder about what can be found beyond the horizons of Hyrule. Land could be seen beyond the border which is yet to be explored.

Since the Breath of the Wild 2s trailer got released more people are expecting to finally see whats beyond Hyrule in Zelda Breath of the Wild 2.A new land including more characters and areas would surely be more creative and exciting. Throughout the franchise players were only able to explore Hyrule which may have gotten repetitive exploring a new land might just breathe a new life into the franchise that is much needed.Another upcoming game with an amazing open world is Forspoken. It has all the magical aspects and a beautiful world like BOTW. Learn more about it here Forspoken Story Release Date Gameplay & Platforms.


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