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Khadgar’s Life Before Leading the Kirin Tor

One of the most powerful magi in World of Warcraft is the human Khadgar. He has been a major figure ever since the First War ravaged the land, serving as one of the main defenders of Azeroth during Warlords of Draenor and Legion, but has taken a bit of a backseat during these last two expansions. All of that will change when he makes his grand return to the spotlight in Dragonflight. What his story will entail is unknown, but it will surely have big implications for the future of Azeroth.

Battalion 1944 – Stretch Goals Trailer Khadgar was not always the powerful mage that World of Warcraft players have come to know during their adventures. There was a time when he was just a young boy who wanted to study the art of magic. He was an inquisitive person, but his life would quickly be uprooted when he was forced to become a champion of the people. Without him, the world of Azeroth may have suffered a fate worse than death.

Khadgar’s Apprenticeship Khadgar – Most Powerful WoW NPCs When Khadgar was 17, he was sent to apprentice under the great wizard Medivh. To many, including Khadgar, Medivh seemed like nothing more than a kind and eccentric old man. Upon arriving at Karazhan, Medivh would put him to work cleaning his library. As Khadgar wandered, he stumbled upon a room that held a vision of humans fighting against the orcs, and it looked like he was leading the charge. This shocked Khadgar, as he had no idea why he would be leading this army into battle.

One day, Khadgar was attacked by Medivh and accused of being a thief, but the sage quickly apologized after remembering who Khadgar was. To make up for it, he took him to explore the southern part of the kingdom atop gryphons. There, Khadgar met his first orcs and warlocks. They would also run into the Champion Anduin Lothar, who would urge Medivh to join Stormwind’s defenses, but Medivh refused. In response, Lothar would ask Khadgar to serve as Medivh’s caretaker as he made even more questionable decisions.

Medivh would begin acting even more erratic, and he would spend days in seclusion. Khadgar began to question Medivh’s actions and worry that something was terribly wrong with him. So, he went out to meet the half-orc Garona, and they began to unravel what Medivh was up to. Khadgar came to the realization that this great wizard was planning to open a portal between Azeroth and Draenor, and ran to King Llan Wrynn to get a group of soldiers led by Anduin Lothar.

The group confronted Medivh and found that he had formed a psychic link to the warlock Gul’Dan. Khadgar attacked his master and was able to plunge a sword into his heart. However, Khadgar’s life force and magical energies would be drained from his body. With the energy he had left, he would bury his old master behind Karazhan.

The orcs would go on to destroy Stormwind and force the humans to flee to the kingdom of Lordaeron. Khadgar would flee with them, but the battle with Medivh would forever alter him. His life force would remain drained, leaving his face to take on the appearance of an old man with white hair. Luckily, he would still maintain the strength and agility of a young man.

Khadgar would be appointed the official liaison of the Council of Six to Anduin Lothar. He would become instrumental in helping combat the Horde during the Second War, and they would push the orcs back to the Dark Portal. There, Anduin Lothar would lose his life, but Khadgar destroyed the portal. He would oversee the construction of Nethergarde Keep to defend against another Draenor invasion, and that invasion would quickly come.

Khadgar would go on to lead an expedition into Draenor to stop the Horde once and for all after they tried to invade a third time. He would be forced to close the portal from that side and cut his forces off from Azeroth. The Alliance believed he perished, and would immortalize him with a statue. Little did they know that Khadgar’s story was far from over, and he would become one of the main protagonists for many World of Warcraft expansions.


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