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James Bond: Daniel Craig received advice from Pierce Brosnan for his 007

JAMES BOND star Daniel Craig was the sixth iteration of the spy to hit the big screen but he would not have been able to reach such success without some advice from Pierce Brosnan including being told to snap out of it. And after he got this advice he learned how to treat the role.Pierce Brosnan changed the way cinemagoers viewed James Bond in the 1990s. His films were bombastic and outrageous while changing the landscape of the 007 franchise.

He starred in four films over seven years one of which Tomorrow Never Dies was on ITV over the weekend.But before Daniel Craig took over proper he received some important wisdom from Brosnan that would sculpt his way of playing the hero.Craig changed Bond even more when he hit cinemas in 2006s Casino Royale.007 was moulded into a dark and gritty agent that took no prisoners but murdered them instead.Gone were the days of slapstick comedy and joy now the world was at stake and Craig was there to fight to save it.But before Craig launched onto screen he met Brosnan for a much needed push in the right direction.Craig remembered meeting Brosnan just before he started filming.He said I went and saw him when I would just got the part. He was brilliant.

The GoldenEye star could not leave without giving the budding actor some powerful advice.Brosnan told Craig Just enjoy the ride. Craig reflected on this advice. Just enjoy it he said. I just started enjoying it a year ago thats funny.Brosnan also spoke candidly about meeting Craig just before he became a worldwide phenomenon.Except his version of events were a little different to how Craig remembered them.We did pass in the night Daniel and I when my day was done Brosnan recalled. I knew that Daniel was going to be and had been offered the part.Brosnan said Craig was very apprehensive about joining the ranks of the likes of Sean Connery Roger Moore and Timothy Dalton.


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