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How Young Justice: Phantoms Potentially Sets Up a Spinoff

The DC animated series Young Justice has just finished its fourth season, entitled Young Justice: Phantoms. One of the most praised aspects of Season 4 was the intricate plot that continued throughout the season in carefully constructed arcs. Not only did Phantoms leave plenty open-ended for a possible Season 5, it’s also created options for the show to expand with a spinoff.

Young Justice: Phantoms introduced three members of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Saturn Girl, Phantom Girl and Chameleon Boy all played a vital role in the narrative. It could even be argued that they set the season’s plot in motion because of their conflict with Lor-Zod. Lor-Zod was Season 4’s most prominent antagonist, while Phantom Girl was a key character in Superboy’s story. But what makes the Legion worthy of a Young Justice spinoff?

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Phantom Girl might not be able to help Superboy in Young Justice again It would be a waste of potential to not give them one. What little information Young Justice gives about the Legion and their timeline would make for a fascinating story. There is an organization called the United Planets, which seems to be a governing body that doesn’t work well with the Legion. And there is a museum with a statue of Superboy which seems to possibly hold artifacts from the modern day. Other Legionnaires are mentioned but never seen, such as Lightning Lad. Given this series’ tendency to create interesting and thought-out characters, these are the building blocks of a solid spinoff.

Young Justice: Phantoms also left open small possibilities for another story. When Brainiac 5 came to get his teammates, he mentioned there was a 0.16 percent chance the timeline hadn’t been restored properly. M’comm was also given a planet by Darkseid for his service — and Durla happens to be the home planet of Chameleon Boy. Plus, Lor-Zod was both killed and resurrected, while Vandal Savage was still developing his army. All of these developments in the present day could create new challenges for the Legion in the future.

Young Justice killed Lor-Zod but Ursa got pregnant with him again The three Legion of Super-Heroes members seen in Young Justice: Phantoms had great performances by their voice actors, interesting powers and their own unique lore asking to be explored. Greg Weisman and Christopher Jones have done one storyline following Season 4 with the comic Young Justice: Targets, so they could decide to do another for TV. Of course, that’s wishful thinking given that HBO Max has yet to renew Young Justice for Season 5.

With HBO Max undergoing its shift in programming, it’s possible that the Young Justice story ends rather than expands. Yet if the network sticks with the brand, Weisman and his creative team have the foundation of a spinoff series. Based on the quality of Phantoms, they can tell a great story about the Legion of Super-Heroes.


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