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Every Upcoming Scarlett Johansson Movie We’re Excited For

Stars that shine bright like Scarlett Johansson cannot be stopped. Here are her upcoming projects we are excited for.

Any actor in the industry today has elements of their career that make them a household name. Whether it be the roles they played or their presence off screen when they are a star we just stand back and watch them shine. Scarlett Johansson has had many moments throughout her career that people remember her for. From the witty and fun romantic comedy to her iconic role as Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe it is safe to say that Johansson was made for the big screen.

Of course we all mourn the loss of Natasha Romanoff in the MCU. However with one chapter of her career closing more doors begin to open as we look ahead to whats next for Johansson. Being the versatile actress that we all know her to be will be dipping her feet into some family movies as well as some eye-catching dramas. She has even set to star opposite Chris Evans again. If you want to keep your eye out for whats coming up for the actress we have put together a list of the upcoming Scarlett Johansson movies we are excited for.

Starting off strong we have the upcoming Wes Anderson film Asteroid City. The film is, per IndieWire about families and students coming together to attend the Junior Stargazer convention in an American desert town in the mid-1950s. Other than that there are not many details out about the plot or characters of this film but by just looking at the cast it is going to be one to look out for. Of course Johansson will be in this movie. Alongside her we have some other prominent names including It actress Sophia Lillis Maya Hawke Tony Revolori Margot Robbie Tom Hanks, and Steve Carell who replaced Bill Murray amidst his COVID diagnosis.


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