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Emilia Clarke’s Mystery Marvel Character Reportedly Revealed

Marvel Studios continues to bring in some of the stylish actors in the assiduity to help continue telling stories in the Multiverse Saga for the coming times. Included in that blend is Emmy award- designee Emilia Clarke, formerly known for her commanding part in Game of Thrones, as she takes on her coming big ballot character in Marvel Workrooms’ Secret Invasion.

Clarke has formerly made quite an print on her Secret Invasionco-stars, with MCU stager SamuelL. Jackson offering immense praise for the presence she brought to the set. But indeed considering how important expectation has erected to see Clarke join the MCU, suckers are still in the dark with regard to who she’ll indeed play in Phase 5’s first Disneyseries.Fans have gotten some vids of Clarke in action from the set in London, showing Cobie Smulders’ Maria Hill potentially following the freshman, but there have been no hints about what riddle character Clarke will bring to life from the comics. Now, thanks to a new scuttlebutt, suckers may have their first idea of what to anticipate from the former Queen ofDragons.and it’s a potentially bigone.Insider Daniel Richtman revealed on his Patreon account that Emilia Clarke will play a well- known Skrull from Marvel Comics namedG’iah in Secret Invasion, which premieres on Disney coming spring. This report originally came online in late July, around the time when Marvel Studios took the stage at San Diego Comic-Con.The rest of the show’s cast includes SamuelL. Jackson( Nick Fury), Ben Mendelsohn( Talos), Cobie Smulders( Maria Hill), Don Cheadle( Colonel James Rhodes), Martin Freeman( Everett Ross), and Dermot Mulroney(U.S. President Ritson). Actors with unconfirmed places include Olivia Colman, Kingsley Ben- Adir, Christopher McDonald, Killian Scott, and Irina Kara.
While Clarke hasn’t been seen in her full Skrull look, a set videotape captured some instigative action for the former Game of Thrones star. The actress is seen on the ground with an actor in a mo- cap suit choking her out, which could potentially force her character to reveal her true Skrull form in the finalfootage.WhileG’iah originally helped the Skrulls with their irruption of other globes, she’d ultimately switch sides after seeing the pure brutality that her people were willing to use in order to negotiate their pretensions. This could play out in analogous fashion for the MCU as well, with Emilia Clarke’s interpretation of the character gravitating towards Nick Fury and Talos as effects get further violent during the events on Earth.

Clarke has spoken about how she wants to be a part of the MCU for times to come, also mentioning how spooked she’s about accidentally revealing her part due to Marvel’s notorious spoiler police. This part clearly seems to be one that Marvel wants to keep under wraps, asG’iah’s implicit turn could mark a huge turning point moment in the show as she moves down from the overrunning Skrulls.
While it’ll probably still be some time until Clarke’s part asG’iah is verified, her playing a Skrull only adds a new position of conspiracy to this formerly mysterious MCU crossover event.


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