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Dua Lipa poses with friends in colorful bikinis while on a break from tour: ‘Sunbums’

The “ Levitating ” artist, 26, posted on Instagram Saturday to partake prints of herself and four musketeers( including her family, model Rina Lipa) sporting various bikinis and, in the case of Lipa, a matching brace of orange sunglasses. The three- time Grammy winner identified the post, “ Sunbums. ”

Lipa is presently in the midst of her unborn Nostalgia world stint, which was laid over in 2020 due to the COVID- 19 epidemic. Her most recent stop on the stint was an August 10 musicale in Budapest. She’s presently on a break until September and easily, making the utmost of it by hanging out with herfriends.When she’s not relaxing and performing, Lipa is also giving her time to a good cause. before this week, she participated on Instagram that she’s involved with a music foundation.
“@sunnyhillfoundation has teamed up [email protected], the songsmiths academe in Sweden to produce a new program for youthful talented songsmiths in Kosovo, ” she wrote alongside prints of herself with the scholars involved in the program. “ I went down to the plant moment to see what they’ve been upto and I was absolutely blown down by the gift and effectiveness of the sessions within just a couple days of starting. I felt truly inspired and i ’m veritably agitated for us to continue working together to see this program grow into commodity really beautiful. ”

In an April interview with NPR, Lipa spoke about prostrating tone- mistrustfulness in her career by fastening on her music.
” I was at a point where I was so happy, I was doing everything that I wanted to, but also there were people who made me feel like perhaps I was not good enough or I did not earn to be there, I was not cut out to be a musician,” she participated.” I realized that what anyone says does not actually count. It was commodity that I learned during the period of writing unborn Nostalgia — I was suitable to shut people out. Now, if anybody says anything, it does not indeed bother me. Nothing indeed cuts through, because I realized that if you are passionate about commodity and you are good at your job and you write from the heart, no bone
can take that down from you. I had to take myself off Twitter, but if that is going to help me and my internal health and allow me to thrive in whatever way I choose to, that has been a saving grace.”


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