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Crash Landing on You Is the Blueprint for K-Dramas – Here’s Why

Crash Landing on You is a South Korean drama that premiered in 2019 and is presently streaming on Netflix. The series has come so popular that it’s considered to be one of the stylish Korean dramatizations of all time. It’s first and foremost aninter-Korean love. still, it isn’t only the love that makes it worth watching, which is what contributes to its success.

Crash Landing on You is about a South Korean businesswoman and descendant , Yoon Se- ri, who, while paragliding, gets swept up in a storm and crash lands in the North Korean section of the disarmed zone. There she meets an army captain, Ri Jeong- hyeok, who begrudgingly helps hide and cover her. As time passes, the two of them fall in love, despite the fact that they come from fully different worlds. This drama has garnered important fashionability since its release( putting it on the same position of success as Apple TV’s Pachinko) due to a number of reasons. It uses all the rudiments that make Korean dramatizations work, similar as love, drama and comedy, to produce a show that’s as inversely sincere as it’s funny. The series makes utmost of its impact through its love. The lead actors, Hyun Bin and Son Ye- jin, are at the center of this love story and bring great chemistry to their places. Every commerce between them is impeccably captured, from their lowest moments to the big romantic gestures. As in any K- drama love, their love is tried and tested. colorful obstacles come their way, which substantially revolve around them coming from opposing countries. This is not the first time a series has featured love interests from North and South Korea, with Snowdrop being a recent addition to thistrope.It isn’t only the romantic nature of the series that draws in observers. The dramatic rudiments are played up through the geo and social politics, as it takes place with the pressures between North and South Korea playing out in the background. Unfortunately, Se- ri can not stay permanently with Ri, as the service is formerly looking for a South Korean asset. Their circumstance is all the more delicate because both Ri and Se- ri come from prominent families, meaning that she’ll probably get honored at some point. There are multiple attempts to try to get her back home, and each time they fail, the graveness of the situation is heightened.


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