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‘Charmed’: What Would Have Happened in Season 5

The CW reboot of Charmed might have wrapped up its four- season run on Friday, June 10, but the show’s superintendent directors, Joey Falco and Jeffrey Lieber, have revealed where the story would have gone next.

“ Indeed though this show has ended, these ladies ’ trip does n’t end, ” Falco told TVLine. “ They ’re still fighting. We were n’t going to end with them sitting around a table reading stories to their grandkids like the original show did. The battle continues, which is where we want to leave the followership. They ’re still out there fighting. ”
One of those unborn stories would have seen Mel taking over the Blue Camellia magic club. “ That’s presumably the sweet spot between the Mel who was the angry activist at the morning of the show and the Mel who set up herself along the way, ” said Liber. “ That’s be the perfect place for her to be in charge and trying to corral the colorful forces in the magical world. ” Leiber also suggested that Mel and Roxie’s relationship would continue, with them chancing a way to wake Roxie from her seven- time slumber in Season 5. “ I do n’t suppose that relationship is over, ” Falco added. “ In some academic future, they ’d reconnect. ”

Another relationship that would have lasted was that of Maggie and Jordan. “ They ’re the happily- ever- later relationship of the show, ” Falco stated. “ They absolutely would continue on, hopefully fighting the forces of wrong in a less mentally destructive manner than they started this season. ” Season 5 would also have explored Kaela’s bisexuality, with Falco saying, “ We also really wanted to explore that other side of Kaela coming season. That was clearly the plan. ”
One thing that was n’t on the cards was the return of Macy, who was killed off in Season 3. “ In nearly every occasion this season, the grief over Macy is mentioned and is still affecting( the sisters) emotionally, ” said Falco. “ She’s veritably much a part of this world, but it was also important to be suitable to move the triad forwardstory-wise. ”

The biggest plan for Season 5 tied directly to the homestretch’s shocking thriller, which saw Mel, Maggie, and Michaela discover a mysterious door that led them to Halliwell Manor, the home of the sisters from the original Charmed. This was set to be the morning of a Charmed multiverse.
“ There were going to be phone calls made about which cast members are available and who’s willing to do it, ” Falco explained. “ We had a veritably flexible plan grounded on( those logistics), but we noway had those exchanges because we were n’t going to have them until we got a pick- up. So we ’ll noway know who may or may not have made an appearance. ”

maybe that’s for the stylish, as not everybody was happy with the series thriller. “ So not right!! I dislike the reboot!! And I ’m frenetic they put the OG house in the reboot!, ” said one disgruntled


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