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Bob Dylan’s Legal Team Sues Accuser’s Lawyers Over ‘Ludicrous’ Lawsuit

Weeks after the largely disputed action that claimed Bob Dylan sexually abused a 12- time-old girl in New York in 1965 was withdrawn, the songster’s legal platoon has sued the attorneys involved in filing the “ ludicrous ” action.

The action, filed by Dylan’s attorneys this week, argues that Daniel Isaacs and Peter Gleason — the attorneys for the now-69-year-old appellant — were responsible for a “ brazen-faced shakedown ” of the songster after filing the original action in August 2021.
“Mr. Isaacs andMr. Gleason shouldn’t have brought this action — criminating defendant of a heinous crime if they didn’t intend to responsibly litigate it, ” Dylan’s lead attorney Orin Snyder wrote in anAug. 4 letter to the judge( via Billboard). “ It’s further than applicable to hold them responsible. ”

The action against Dylan was dismissed in late July just days after the appellant, linked in the action asJ.C., fired her attorneys amid crucial discovery deadlines in the case. Snyder said in a statement following the pullout, “ This case is over. It’s outrageous that it was ever brought in the first place. We’re pleased that the complainant has dropped this counsel- driven sham and that the case has been dismissed with prejudice. ” While “ this case is over, ” Dylan’s attorneys now seek damages for the “ counsel- driven sham. ” The exact quantum that Dylan’s attorneys seek wasn’t bared, but it probably covers the cost of his counsel freights over the “ false, vicious, reckless, and scandalous ” action grounded on allegations from, as Dylan’s attorneys put it in one form, a “ psychic ” who formerly stated she had been “ kidnapped by aliens and piloted their spaceship. ”


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