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Blake Lively Dissatisfied With Ryan Reynolds’ Football Team Purchase Decision

Ryan Reynolds recently got into a conflict with his wife Blake Lively and it was not because of Reynolds usual pranks. Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Talk show actor Rob McElhenney and his Welcome to Wrexham partner announced that they have purchased a disgraced football team. Reynolds decision to become a shareholder in Wrexham AFC Wales oldest football team without his wifes approval made Ryan & Rob close friends. I remember when this mind blowing idea was heard. I saw Blake and said I have some really bad news for you. I remember what I said. says Ryan Reynolds. When she said she may have bought half of a currently seventh placed soccer team in Wales Livelys response was Not good. It says its in shape.We are still working on it Reynolds said. he jokes but the actor does not regret his decision at all. At the same time he describes McElhenney as his best business partner.

After purchasing Wrexham AFC the two actors decided to make a documentary series about their project. The program Welcome to Wrexham will begin airing this month. The documentary which will be broadcast on the FX channel will be about the football team and the duo in charge of the team Ted Lasso in real life. Reynolds and McElhenney said in a joint statement when they first bought the shares of Wrexham AFC one of the three oldest professional football teams in history that it was very special for both of them to buy this team with a long and storied history. Together with fans and locals we can pursue our goal of returning the team to the European Football League by positively changing the image of the team and strengthening the team in front of a growing audience and in a renovated stadium. they add.


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