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Bella Poarch apologises to Cardi B after being targeted by hacked Twitter account

Bella Poarch has issued an reason to Cardi B, after a hacking incident led to the ‘ WAP ’ songster being the target of trolling from Poarch’s Twitter account.

history( August 12), tweets about Poarch’s debut EP, ‘ Dolls ’ – which dropped the same day – were transferred from the Twitter account of news point Pop Crave. A strong reply to the post also came from Poarch’s own account, reading “ better than any cardi reader. ” further since- deleted tweets targeting Cardi were posted by Poarch’s account, including a bean that asked whether her followers were “ Team Nicki ” or “ Team Cardi ”. Another tweet inferred inferred that Poarch demanded the same traction as of Cardi – “ NO CARDI NO leverage ”, while another putatively called her a “ cornrow burro whine ”. The tweets were conceded by Cardi( aka Belcalis Almánzar) after being advised to them by a addict, still the rapper sounded to see a humorous side in the situation. She replied to the forenamed addict with a screenshot of a DM she ’d entered from Poarch’s Instagram account, and made several responses to posts made by concernedfans.Overnight, a tweet came from what eventually appeared to be the real Poarch, who verified to suckers that she had remedied the situation. “ I ’ve been working with Twitter to get back into my account, ” she wrote, noting that “ someone addressed me while I was asleep but everything’s okay now. ” The odd social media exchange coincided with the release of Poarch’s debut EP, ‘ Dolls ’, which the TikTok star- turned- songster told NME is about “ taking back power and the satisfaction of being suitable to fight back ”.
‘ Dolls ’ featured a sprinkle of mates, including the artist’s debut ‘ Build A Bitch ’, ‘ Conflagration ’, ‘ Living Hell ’ and the EP’s title track, a collaboration with Grimes.


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