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Beauty Around the Clock: Vanessa Hudgens

The actress talks dealing with stress the importance of beauty sleep and her undying love for fake freckles.Welcome to Beauty Around the Clock Marie Claires weekly peek into the daily lives of some of the most game changing women in their industries. Ever wonder how they get it all done in a day? Heres your answer.

Anytime Vanessa Hudgens walks a red carpet we make sure to zoom in on her glam. Without fail she shows up with some unexpected wildly fun to be recreated pop be it sparkly blue eyeliner rhinestone hair accents or blindingly glowy highlighter. While she encourages the pros to pull out all the stops her personal motto is way more low key. She has all about embracing her natural hair texture keeping makeup to a minimum and nailing the perfect scent by cocktailing essential oils and fragrances. Even though she loves products she even formulated her own skincare line KNOW with Madison Beer Hudgenss main beauty secret is simple A good nights sleep.

I think people really undervalue sleep and I really value my sleep she shared with Marie Claire. I think that its so important for me mentally but also for the beauty rest you know? Of course she also fills her day with good food meditation and just the right amount of me time. Here the actress and businesswoman is breaking down the rituals habits and beauty products that help her get through the day. I try to avoid an alarm if I can. Once my eyes are open the first thing that I do is give gratitude. I feel like thats such an important thing to do and it really sets the tone for my day. I am also a big advocate of hydrating but I am not a big water person. I am terrible with water I hope I will grow out of it. So for now I just reach for Caliwater my cactus water brand.


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