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Ava Max teases title track of upcoming album ‘Maybe You’re the Problem’

Ava Max is getting ready for her new music period, and she took to Instagram on Monday to tease the title track of her forthcoming reader, perhaps You ’re the Problem.

The “ Aphorism ” hitmaker participated an aural videotape of her playing piano and singing into a microphone. The lyrics go, “ But with you It’s always my fault And your short fuse Just like a time lemon And I suppose you should take a alternate just to look at your reflection, baby perhaps you ’re the problem Okay, you You say you ’re battered/ Your point of view/ Got it all backwards/ You should take a little cutlet and point it in the glass, baby perhaps you ’re the problem. ”
It’s unknown when the ditty will drop, but the song is a departure from the upbeat, electrically charged workshop we ’ve come to anticipate from Ava.

She preliminarily told Billboard that her forthcoming reader documents “ the hardest time of my life. ” While Ava claimed that it’ll still contain “ anthemic and faddish ” tracks, she also noted, “ I suppose it’s a little different. It’s more particular and I hope the suckers( like it). ”
She went on to tease, “ This music will say a lot, ” and added that a new single will be on the way shortly.

“ I ’ve noway written anything so particular and it’s presumably some of the stylish music I ’ve ever written, ” Ava said about the design.
“ I feel like a piece of my heart is coming out and I ’m super nervous about it, ” she added, but didn’t reveal a release date. She did hint, still, that the plant trouble will contain some further music collaborations.

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