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Anne Hathaway Should Get More Credit For Her Version Of Catwoman

The actress’s performance was worthy of the iconic role, and she deserves more recognition for it.Hollywood has been obsessed with Gotham’s Caped Crusader longer than almost any other hero. Equally ubiquitous are Batman’s many whimsical nemeses and ill-fated romantic partners — and one character doubles as both.

She offers a romantic parity by day as Selina Kyle, while providing an irresistible romantic foil by night, as Catwoman. For many fans of Batman, no actress has better captured Catwoman than Michelle Pfeiffer, whose iconic performance in Tim Burton’s Batman Returns defined the character for decades. Recently, Zoë Kravitz has generated quite a bit of buzz for her interpretation of Ms. Kyle, in The Batman.Both of these portrayals are outstanding, but viewers should not forget that they are not the only brilliant big-screen iterations of Catwoman. Anne Hathaway took on the role in 2005 in the much-anticipated finale of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises. Though many fans do not immediately think of Hathaway’s version when they picture Catwoman, viewers would be wise to give her a bit more credit, for it is certainly due.

Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy is often remembered chiefly for its second installment, which was instantly hallowed by the combined tour de force of Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker, and the tragedy of the actor’s subsequent suicide. Indeed, The Dark Knight was significantly more memorable than its predecessor, Batman Begins (a genuine mess of a film), but it was not the strongest entry in the series. That distinction should rightfully go to The Dark Knight Rises, with its more concise plotting and solid emotional conclusion. No character is wasted in the movie, with acting powerhouses like Burn Gorman and Ben Mendelssohn turning bit parts into the stuff of memes. In addition, the narrative arc is perfectly rendered, and the visual production is top-notch.


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