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Ana de Armas Slips On Sultry Minidress

You have been living on another planet if you have not seen this young lady in some movie in the last couple of years. Ana de Armas has been everywhere you want to be as a young budding actress in the big leagues and in less than a few years she has managed to work with some of the biggest names in Hollywood.Already her resume reads like a who has who of celebrated actors and directors with films that include Knives Out War Dogs and Hands of Stone. Yet Blade Runner 2049 was the first movie that ushered forth a new era in her career and she has not looked back yet.

A role in No Time To Die cemented her status as an It Girl in film and the best thing is that she has even more showy roles in the pipeline in the coming months that are sure to take her stardom to another level.Ana gives fans the side pose of their dreams in a gorgeous champagne colored slip dress that accentuates her heavenly curves and shows off her natural beauty.The Cuban simply smolders in the photo and with her ascent in Hollywood it is only a matter of time before she is regarded in the top echelon of beauties to have ever graced the silver screen. Just like Marilyn Ana has a face destined for immense stardom and fame!Imagine moving to a strange country and not knowing the mother tongue upon arrival. That was exactly Anas fate when she came to America, moving to the country after deciding to leave Spain and branch out as an actress in the big leagues.

It was not until she came to Los Angeles that she began learning English. In fact her first roles involved de Armas learning English phonetically until she was able to perfect it. These days she has mastered the language but still loves to speak in her native Spanish tongue.From 2011 to 2013 Ana was married to actor Marc Clotet but the two divorced before Ana made it big. Now in Hollywood for a few years she has dated a few leading men including J-Los new husband Ben Affleck. Currently single she is still dating but no confirmations yet on who it may be are available even though there are a few rumors out there.


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