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10 Old-School Period Romance Movies like ‘Persuasion’ to Watch Next

Are classic romantic movies your thing? Here are a few of the greatest period romances that you can watch now.

Its no surprise that period pieces just have something about them that makes you swoon. Perhaps what pulls viewers to these stories is the star crossed romance and the anticipation to see if it works out or not. Its the feather light touches and secret meetings behind curtains. Other times its the courtship customs that keep the characters slowly courting one another while keeping the viewers at the edge of their seats.

The most memorable characters in historical romance films struggle to maintain their relationships against cultural and socioeconomic barriers and while some find their happy endings others end in tragedies. From Persuasion the newest addition to this genre to Pride and Prejudice and many more these period films are eternal and a great escape from the humdrum of modern life.In the most recent adaptation of Jane Austens final 1818 book Dakota Johnson plays Anne Elliot. The protagonist is a strong independent lady who defies social expectations by remaining single at the ripe old age of 27. Enter Captain Frederick Wentworth, played by the dashing Cosmo Jarvis and William Elliot brought to life by the charming Henry Golding, the former of whom Anne was persuaded to reject because he lacked a fortune and a position of power in the society.

Its hardly surprising that people have continued to recreate and reinterpret Jane Austens novels over time given how brilliant and masterful her writing is and the richness and depth she invests in her female heroines is a treat to experience. When those characters are translated on screen the result ranges from some flawless adaptations to some not so good ones as recreating the work of a genius artist like Austen is no easy task. But Jane Austen is not the only source of some of the most significant period movies with the work of other reputable authors being adapted for the big screen. Here we have a remarkable list of period romances that you can watch if you’re still craving some swoon worthy classics after watching Persuasion.


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