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Young Sheldon Season 6 Release Date, Plot, Trailer & News to Know

CBS may be known mostly for its procedurals, but it does air its fair share of sitcoms. The network’s adaptation of the British comedy Ghosts proved to be a hit in its debut outing. Bob Hearts Abishola has delighted audiences as a psuedo-successor to Mike and Molly. And the network’s most high-profile comedy, Young Sheldon, is returning for its sixth season.

Young Sheldon was originally marketed as a prequel to The Big Bang Theory, although there are several differences between the series. It follows the early life of Sheldon Cooper (now played by Iain Armitage) and his family. Seasons 1-4 focused on Sheldon as he tried to live his life in an ever-changing world. Season 5, however, signaled that the series would focus more on the problems around Sheldon. As Season 6 prepares to start, here are all the details that viewers need to know, including the plot, cast, trailer and release date.

What Is Young Sheldon’s Season 6 Story?
Young Sheldon Georgie and Mandy Back in 2021, CBS Entertainment president Kelly Kahl told The Hollywood Reporter that the “humor, warmth and heart exuded by the Cooper family is an undeniable hook for the millions of fans who tune in each week. We’re excited to see what the next three seasons have in store for a slightly older Sheldon and all the Coopers.” Noting that Sheldon would be slightly older was also an indication of more mature plotlines as the prequel takes its characters closer to how they appear in The Big Bang Theory. Season 5 heavily set up George’s affair with Brenda Sparks and Georgie lied about his age on the way to getting his girlfriend pregnant. Those two unresolved plots will carry over to Season 6 — including all the resulting drama.

Meanwhile, Season 6 will open where Season 5 left off — with George having to bail Georgie and Connie out of jail at the Mexican border. It looks like Mary could also have her own affair with Pastor Rob. On top of everything else, George and Mary are both unemployed. Missy is trying to grow up amid all of the turmoil while Dr. Linkletter and Sturgis are competing for Connie’s love. Season 6 seems like it will be a busy season.

Who Is In Young Sheldon Season 6’s Cast? Missy hugs Sheldon in Young Sheldon The Cooper family remains the same for Season 6 of Young Sheldon. Iain Armitage is back in his role as Sheldon and the rest of his family will also reprise their roles. They include his father George (played by Lance Barber), mother Mary (Zoe Perry), brother Georgie (Montana Jordan) and sister Missy (Raegan Revord). Annie Potts will also be back as Connie “Meemaw” Tucker, while Jim Parsons continues to be heard as an older Sheldon narrating the beginning of each episode.

Wyatt McClure was upped to a series regular as Billy Sparks in Season 5, and Season 6 will upgrade Emily Osment — who plays Georgie’s girlfriend Mandy McAllister — to regular status. That makes it clear that Mandy and Georgie’s relationship will be a major part of the upcoming season. Fans can also reasonably expect to see the show’s beloved supporting cast. Obviously, Melissa Peterman will have to return as Brenda Sparks in order to continue George and Brenda’s storyline.


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