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Will The Blacklist Season 10 be the last of the series?

All eyes are on when our favorite TV crime dramas will come to an end. We are certainly concerned The Blacklist Season 10 will be the last. Is it something we should prepare for? As a TV show gets beyond three or four seasons now, we start to worry about its future. We can thank streaming services for that. Before that, we could be comfortable with the idea of five seasons or more if the show continued to perform well.

Fortunately, The Blacklist is a broadcast show. So, as long as the live ratings hold steady and the show performs well for NBC, we can see more storylines. That being said, there is always the possibility of an important cast member leaving bringing the show to an end. We’re definitely talking James Spader here. What are the chances of The Blacklist Season 11 happening? It’s way too early to tell, but it may be worth preparing for the upcoming season to be the end.

Will The Blacklist Season 10 be the end?
We’ve asked the question about the show coming to an end for a while now. The eighth season saw a dip in the live ratings, which had us worried about that. Then Megan Boone and Jon Bokenkamp left the series, which put the future into question. By the time of their exits, NBC had already renewed the show, leading to us wondering if Season 9 would be a wrap-up season. Then we got an early Season 10 renewal. It was a surprise for us, but we weren’t complaining. However, we have lost more characters for the 11th season.

NBC has also decided not to bring the series back in the fall. This is a sign that the live ratings aren’t as strong as the network would like, similarly to Season 6. We saw that season pushed to the midseason and moved to Friday nights. This did arguably help the series, but could the midseaso move do the same for The Blacklist Season 10?

It is possible that the 10th season is just a wrap-up season. We could see that NBC saw it a great milestone season to end one of the longer-running shows on the network. It’s just too early to tell right now, as NBC will want to see how the ratings go first unless everyone behind the scenes is done. Of course, if Spader decides that he’s done with the series, then that’s it. There is no series without Red.


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