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What We Do In The Shadows: 10 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Guillermo As A Character

The fan-favorite character from FX’s What We Do in the Shadows – the Familiar-turned-bodyguard, Guillermo de la Cruz – continues to entertain viewers in the mockumentary’s fourth season. The character is known for the way he endures the mistreatment and ungratefulness from the vampires, especially from his master, Nandor.

There’s no shortage of memes that sum up Guillermo’s personality, which has evolved over the course of the series. He has learned to embrace his sassier and more badass side, which has caused some friction with the vampires. As viewers see more of the Familiar’s misadventures in the latest season, it’s the perfect time to explore some memes that capture Guillermo’s character.

A Star And An Angel​​​​​
Guillermo is the most precious and innocent character on the show, as he’s just the sweetest Familiar who wants the best for the vampires. This is why a meme highlights his role as the “true star” of the series, as despite having an ensemble cast, Guillermo often finds a way to steal the show. His story arc that focuses on his Van Helsing heritage only further proves how much of “an angel” he really is. He has the ability to murder all the vampires around him, but he chooses to use his power to protect the creatures of the night that he can’t help but love.

Nandor Leaves Without Him
A critical development in Nandor and Guillermo’s relationship happens when the vampire finally agrees to turn his Familiar into a creature of the night. All Guillermo has to do is go on a trip with Nandor back to his home, but Laszlo’s shocking action prevents this from ever happening. The “sad meme” that uses the Gru format reflects how terrible it must have felt for Guillermo to be locked in that crate knowing that Nandor is waiting for him in the train station. Instead of checking on him and delaying his trip, Nandor gets on the train without Guillermo, which sums up their dynamic pretty well.

Tired Of Being Nice
A painfully accurate “alignment chart” posted on Reddit depicts Guillermo as the only character whose worth asking if they’re “tired of being nice.” The Familiar has endured a lot working for the gang. He’s had to murder hundreds of vampires to protect them, keep the house organized without them knowing, and more. Guillermo’s unmatchable patience and generosity have likely kept the vampires alive, especially considering how clueless they are when it comes to regular activities like doing the laundry. Everyone’s just waiting for the moment Guillermo finally has enough, while simultaneously hoping that day never comes.


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