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‘Westworld’ Season 4, Episode 7 Recap: ‘Metanoia’

Then is what you need to know about the explosive penultimate occasion of thisseason.The second- to-last occasion of Westworld season 4 vented on Sunday, setting the stage for coming week’s homestretch. It caps off with a surprising twist– this time involving Christina– our brunette Dolores look- likewise whose story took yet another turn.

In other news, this season’s big bad, Chalores, has been replaced by her alternate- in- command. Let’s run through what differently happed in occasion 7, including who is still standing on both sides as we head into the final occasion.
A door to The Sublime

The occasion starts with Bernard and Maeve pulling up to the futuristic Hoover Dam installation we saw in occasion 1– the one William acquired with help from our first, nameless cover victim of the season. But ultimately, the show reveals we’re actually nearly differently in The Sublime. When Bernard convened with Akecheta in The Sublime back in occasion 3, he viewed these events before they took place( or it’s one of the numerous paths he viewed that could potentially be, I guess).

Bernard reveals to Maeve– a interpretation of her he is whipped up– that” the hydroelectric garçon ranch” they are looking at houses The Sublime.( Also called The Valley Beyond, The Sublime is a digital aeroplane
of actuality we saw a bunch of Westworld hosts enter in season 2, leaving their physical bodies behind. Maeve’s son is one of them.) In season 2, Dolores transferred The Sublime– and those in it– nearly out of reach. Turns out, it was then. Bernard uses the key he possesses to open the door.

Bernard tells Maeve that he is been down every possible path, and the outgrowth is always the same extermination for both hosts and humans. He tells her they could escape that fate by uploading themselves to The Sublime. Maeve takes him up on the offer, and Bernard asks if that is what she’d really say, or if that is just his print ofher.Then, those events enough much repeat in the real world( with the addition of some further on- screen action involving a big red robot). Bernard and Maeve arrive at the installation, where Bernard formerly again reveals it holds The Sublime and opens the door using his key. But he does not tell Maeve the verity about their ill- fated hunt. rather, he says that” If we get to her palace, we can save them as well as ourselves.”
Chalores is shutting down the metropolises
Next, we catch Chalores, host William and a host interpretation of Caleb. Like the last interpretation of Caleb who got his neck snapped so unkindly last week, this bone
knows his son, Frankie, is alive. Chalores is a surname for Charlotte Hale. In the history, Dolores made clones of herself– the” tone” that exists in her plum– and put one into a host interpretation ofHale.Chalores tells William to give them a nanosecond, and also she reveals to Caleb that she’s shutting down” the metropolises.”( Does this mean there are further than the bone
we have seen?) She plans to stick humans in cold storehouse, mirroring how the hosts in Westworld were treated. She leaves Caleb in his confinement and tells a surprised William she’s calling the mortal world quits because of the host/ outlierissue.However, there’ll be lower of us hereafter,” she says,” If I do not do this moment.

An formerly stressed- out host William isn’t happy about this news. latterly, we see him visit mortal William again. In a long, icy soliloquy, mortal William tells his host doppelgänger that” culture does not survive, cockroaches do.” He tells his host counterpart that if he could, he would pull the draw on the whole world.” Only one of us needs to do what must be done,” he tells the host. Host William says he understands, also stabs him.


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