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The Office: Dwight’s “Perfect Crime” Gets Brought To Life In ACNH

A fan has masterfully recreated Dwight Schrute’s “Perfect Crime” story from The Office in Animal Crossing: New Horizon. The Office has become somewhat of a regular on Nintendo’s social simulator, with many fans paying homage using several projects dedicated to NBC’s hit comedy series. One of the most recent homages was by a fan who remade the intro of The Office with Animal Crossing.

Animal Crossing New Horizons was released to resounding commercial success in 2020, making the newest entry in Nintendo’s sandbox social simulator series one of the best-selling games of all time. Like many popular sandbox titles, several creative fans have taken to New Horizons to produce a slew of passion projects. Most of the time, these fan projects take the form of wonderfully accurate recreations of other popular franchises remade with Animal Crossing’s unique art style. Thanks to New Horizons’ expansive new island mechanics and a robust catalog of customization items, the creative process of bringing such tributes to life has become much easier for imaginative fans. From Squishmallows to Pokémon, and even popular comedy series like Schitt’s Creek, many fan-favorite franchises have found their way to Tom Nook’s islands. Even a recreation of Jurassic Park with Animal Crossing: New Horizons is possible with all the game has to offer.

A member of Animal Crossing’s subreddit, QweenRaja (otherwise known as kinnybinny on TikTok), treated fans of both Animal Crossing and The Office to a recreation of Dwight Schrute’s “Perfect Crime” anecdote. While the original skit was done purely as a narrative description by Schrute, QweenRaja goes one step further by creatively depicting each story event using Animal Crossing assets. Every part of the story, from the initial break-in at Tiffany’s to the stashing of the chandelier in Berlin, is recreated in full dynamic detail. Oddly enough, New Horizons’ bouncy animation style provides a hilarious contrast to Dwight Schrute’s intensely droll delivery.


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