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The Issues With My Hero Academia’s Movies

The My Hero movies might be great for fans, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have issues.My Hero Academia has so far released 3 feature films to great success. However, these movies don’t adapt any of the source material, and thus enter a controversial space for any anime adaptation.

When anime adaptations of successful manga become popular enough, they often receive high-budget movies to capitalize on their success. Whereas series like Demon Slayer opt to use their movies to adapt more story material, however, others like My Hero Academia go the controversial route of creating completely original stories for their movies, which can create a host of issues.While a lot of people have issues with the way MHA’s story has been progressing recently, complaints only really started to crop up after the ‘liberation war’ arc, which is yet to be animated. All 3 movies so far take place before this point, yet are inconsistent with what was happening in the anime at the time of their airing.

On a micro level, the 2nd movie, Heroes Rising, takes place after season 5’s ‘joint training’ arc, so features power upgrades and character development that were first unveiled within that arc. In the anime, Fumikage Tokoyami’s battle against Class B provides a perfect opportunity to reveal his new move, ‘dark fallen angel’, which allows him to fly. Its reveal has all the pomp and circumstance a shonen powerup deserves.In Heroes Rising, however, he is simply shown flying with no special mention. For any manga readers or viewers who had already seen the anime, this comes off as natural. However, a lot of viewers will have seen Heroes Rising first, kneecapping the reveal for them.

On a bigger level, Heroes Rising also features the villain, Nine, whose existence spoils a big twist in the upcoming war arc. In the manga, the reveal that Shigaraki was secretly being pumped full of more quirks was a shocking and terrifying reveal, especially off the back of his actions in the ‘my villain academia’ arc. Nine however, has already gone through this procedure, revealing this detail to fans years before the war arc’s anime adaptation in season 6.


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