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Steve Harvey Left Speechless By Comedian’s Answer On ‘Celebrity Family Feud’

Chapter 67 of the famous Japanese manga series Spy x Family will be out soon, know more about the release date and time, and spoilers, and were to read the chapter here In the last chapter, Yor tells Anya about all the treats Melinda purchased for her. Loid begins to assess the matter while she and her daughter talk. He suspects that Melinda is also a potential target for WISE.

If you are also following the manga Spy x family and excited for chapter 67, you are at the right place. Here is all you need to know about the upcoming chapter of Spy x family including the spoilers. Loid initially begins to question Yor’s story that he purposefully ran into Melinda, resuming his suspicion of his wife. Anya, who is aware of what Loid is thinking, yells that Yor’s having to leave that day is her fault, which forces Loid to put his concerns away.

Melinda is not as sweet as she appears. Yor and Anya have distinct reasons to interact with their Donovan family. Furthermore, it implies that the retailer is beginning to suspect Loid, which might present issues for agent Twilight in the future. In the mall, Yor saved a lady and buttle from falling from the stairs. Impressed by her skills, the woman asked Yor to join her and her friends in a volleyball match. She hopes that Yor could get them a victory. Yor was not aware of the rules of volleyball but was still an amazing player.

Spy X Family Chapter 67 Release Date And Time
Fans will be happy to know that Spy X Family Chapter 67 Release Date is out. The chapter will be released on August 21, 2022. Fans can read this chapter at 2.00 pm according to The Eastern Time on Sunday. Chapter 67 of the manga Spy x Family will be available to enjoy on the Manga Plus app and Viz Media.

Spoilers For Chapter 67
Chapter 67 of the manga Spy x Family is going to be filled with many exciting adventures. Melinda’s diverse facial expressions imply multiple things. She has a secret, which fans might get to know in the next chapter. It is also concerning if Garden suspicions or targets Loid, but it is occurring anytime soon because Twilight’s cover as a spy would be compromised. Yor can just be given the task of “taking care” of Loid by the shopkeeper. If the shopkeeper thinks Yor is not suitable, he might hire another assassin.


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