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‘She makes fun of me about it to this day!’ Idris Elba reveals a BAT ruined his steamy shower romp with wife Sabrina while he was filming in South Africa

Idris Elba has revealed the hilarious moment his steamy shower romp with his wife Sabrina was brought to an abrupt end by a rogue bat.The actor 49 who is set to star in the upcoming film Beast shared the amusing anecdote from his time shooting in South Africa admitting he horrified by the animal. who married Sabrina in 2019 also admitted his never been able to live down his reaction to seeing the bat and his wife still makes fun of him to this day.Speaking in an interview with Mens Journal Idris said I was shooting in Limpopo. My wife was there and we were going to have some fun in the shower.

Some morning romance you know? She got in then I followed her and closed the door. But then I looked down and clinging for life to the inside shower door handle was this bat. A tiny wet bat. I hate bats. It was freaky as f***. I jumped out of the shower so fast. My wife makes fun of me about it to this day You left me in the shower with a bat. Idris went onto reveal that he first developed a fear of bats while he was in Australia in 2019.The Luther star has been in the midst of promoting his survival film Beast which pits a widowed husband on a trip to South Africa with his daughters against a huge rogue lion who is tracking them.

However the actor has since revealed that the lion was created using special effects and during filming there was a stand-in stuntman wearing a big foam mask and it proved challenging for him to recreate the same level of fear.Idris told The Daily Mails Alison Boshoff I have not done a movie where I m imagining and fighting with something that is not really there in such close proximity. I have fought in other movies with swords and weapons and against things that are not there. But how fearful can you be when you have got a guy in a grey suit and a big floppy head trying to beat you? So that was a skill set that I had to learn.

He added I do not like to watch films that I’m in. I typically go to a premiere watch the first ten minutes and then leave. But for some reason I stayed which was torture. However I was just fascinated about how we achieved the ferociousness of this lion.Elba plays a man who brings his two daughters to Africa where he first met his late wife when their lives are turned upside down. Its about a family that go back to a small village in West Africa to mourn the death of a loved one my ex wife and my childrens mother he explained on The Tonight Show this week.


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