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Selena Gomez’s Mental Health Startup Gets $100 Million Valuation

A incipiency cofounded by pop star Selena Gomez, Wondermind, is raising finances at a valuation of$ 100 million as it looks to subsidize on a smash in the awareness trend.

Tennis icon Serena Williams’s adventure fund, Serena gambles, led the$ 5 million early- stage round, which was joined by Lightspeed Venture mates and Sequoia Capital. Brent Saunders, the former principal administrative officer of pharmaceutical company Allergan, also tookpart.Wondermind is concentrated on “ internal fitness, ” promoting routines to maintain internal health analogous to how you ’d go to a spa to stay physically fit. Gomez, Hollywood patron( and Gomez’s mama ) Mandy Teefey and Daniella Pierson, the author of pop culture newsletter Newsette, started the company after Pierson met the mama – son brace two times agone
and snappily hit it off.
“ They were so raw and real and vulnerable about their internal health that I was fully in admiration, ” Pierson said. “ We all decided together that we had to do commodity. ” Gomez bared in 2020 that she was diagnosed with bipolar complaint, and she has bandied her battles with anxiety and depression in interviews over the times. Teefey has also been candid about her struggle with attention- deficiency/ hyperactivity complaint.

Investors have poured plutocrat into internal- health startups over the once two times, with total backing in the sector reaching$5.5 billion in 2021, according to data from analytics firm CB perceptivity — further than double the former time’s aggregate. While having the backing of a celebrity helps attract attention, it’s no guarantee of success. awareness is an abstract conception by nature and competition is growing.
Beforehand immolations at Wondermind include social- media channels and a newsletter, which offers “ a roadmap for prostrating smirch, shifting your mindset and feeling supported, ” according to its website. Teefey is working on erecting the operation’s product division, which will produce and release content on internal health. Gomez is concentrated on creative direction and marketing. Physical products that involve behavioral curatives are being developed as well, Pierson said, without participatingdetails.Williams, one of the topmost ever to swing a chatter, before this week blazoned her withdrawal from professional tennis to concentrate on her family and her adventure capital establishment. She’s been investing for nine times and has a portfolio that includes form business Foody, kiddies ’ social network Zigazoo and cryptocurrency establishment Nestcoin.

“ We ’re obviously going to do more, and be a fund that does raise a billion bones
ultimately, ” Williams said in an interview. “ One thing I ’m good at is erecting a career. ”
Williams has been oral about internal health issues, including anxiety and postpartum feelings. She ’ll be involved in Wondermind content as well and promote the brand as its forthcoming systems are made public.


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