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Predator #2 First Look Puts the Franchise’s Latest Hunter in a Deadly Scenario (Exclusive)

A new Predator hunter is on the prowl in Marvel’s Predator series. The popular franchise has found a new home at Marvel Comics, with writer Ed Brisson (Iron Fist, Ghost Rider) and artist Kev Walker (Dr. Strange, Doctor Aphra) taking the reins for all-new adventures. The first issue of the new Predator series has already been released, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take a look into the future to see who has their sights set on making the alien killer species extinct. ComicBook.com has the exclusive first look at Predator #2 by writer Ed Brisson, artist Kev Walker, and colorist Frank D’Armata.

The Predator #1 preview pages feature Theta, who is hunting the Predator after one of the creatures slaughtered her parents when she was a child. Theta’s pursuit now takes her to a frozen tundra, where she abandons her ship named Sandy to go explore her new surroundings. Along the way, she uses her laser rifle to take out a large charging four-eyed beast, and crosses paths with a group of unfriendly characters. One final page appears to flashback to Theta’s early years where she finds someone close to her transformed into a Predator right before her teary eyes.

“I’ve been obsessed with Predator since first seeing the film at the drive-in theater as a kid. I can still remember sitting there in horrified fascination and then acting out the movie for my classmates the following week at school. I bought the VHS and wore the hell out of the tape. Getting to write the characters launch for Marvel is a dream come true. When they offered me the gig, I already had a million ideas ready to go,” Brisson said when Marvel announced the series in April. “Not only am I excited to write a Predator book, but I’m doubly excited to be working with Kev Walker on the series. The pages he’s turned in so far and mind-blowing. He’s delivered awe-inspiring alien planets; huge, blood-pumping action scenes: and devastatingly emotional beats all in the space of the first issue. I really think we’re making something quite special here.”

ComicBook.com’s Chase Magnett reviewed Predator #1, giving it 4 out of 5 stars: “Predator #1 is a comic with one job: Showcase the cool looking aliens who murder human beings for sport. It succeeds in this regard and does so with some stylistic flair at points. This would be adequate and some readers might return. Predator #1 does that job in a way where readers are far more concerned about a human being named Theta handling very non-Predator problems by its final page, and that is quite the impressive trick. Her story is bound to create lots more impressive action sequences and display an abundance of colorful settings; Walker seems a great fit to make that sci-fi showcase impressive. Theta’s story promises to make those images worthwhile by adding another compelling, new perspective to the franchise.”


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