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‘Platinum End,’ Season 1 Delivers High Highs and Low Lows.

dark fantasy anime produced by Signal.MD. Tired of the struggles and hopelessness of life, Mirai chooses to throw himself off a building. But instead of the sudden end to his existence that he expects, he finds himself landing safely due to the intervention of the angel Nasse. She informs Mirai that she has chosen him as a candidate to become the next God. All he has to do is win a competition, which will pit him against the other nine candidates, and he will be the new God. But does Mirai wish to be God? And if he does, what will Mirai have to be willing to do to achieve this goal?

Platinum End seeks to take the typically action-fueled battle royale genre of anime and imbue it with a deep, philosophical core. While the series does deliver some high tense action sequences, many of its most memorable moments are away from the action when the characters debate life, death, and the existence of the divine. Unfortunately, while many of these intellectual moments are crafted wonderfully, a few bring some of the series’ most challenging parts to get through.


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