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One Piece Fan Stuns With Impressive Boa Hancock Cosplay

Fabibi World Cosplay brings the Snake Princess Boa Hancock to life in a stunning cosplay that recreates the warlord’s outfit from One Piece: Stampede.

Fabibi World Cosplay One Piece (1)
Professional cosplayer Fabibi World Cosplay has captured the beauty and drama of One Piece’s pirate warlord Boa Hancock in a stunningly accurate cosplay.

Images of the near-perfect costume were posted on the cosplayer’s Instagram. While the Snake Princess has worn many elaborate outfits throughout the story, this cosplay specifically recreates the wardrobe she donned in the 2019 movie, One Piece: Stampede, including her vibrant purple sash and military-inspired trench coat. Fabibi World Cosplay also captures the various dimensions of Hancock’s colorful personality across the photos.


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