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New Book a Colorful Look at ‘Cowboy Bebop’ Netflix Series

I love taking a look at “ the art of ” and “ the timber of ” books, particularly for games, series, or shows I love, but if I’m going to give an honest review, I need to come clean on commodity outspoken. I didn’t particularly enjoy the live- action adaption of Cowboy Bebop.

perhaps it was because I was formerly so invested in the fantastic, groundbreaking anime series that nothing could eclipse it. perhaps it was because they took the introductory look of the characters and gave them personalities and backstories that significantly erred from the original characters. I mean, the casting was fine, but the backstories were off base. That’s just my opinion as a nut of the original series.
There were a couple of rudiments I did like, still, including the fidelity to the opening credits and theme song by the wonderfully talented Yoko Kano. The other was the beautiful, stylized backgrounds and the attention to the cartoonish, gritty detail of a not- so-perfect space- western- noir terrain.

The care taken to produce this immersive terrain is why I was anxious to see the Cowboy Bebop Making the Netflix Series by Jeff Bond and Gene Kozicki.
True to its title, the 175- runner hardback from Titan Books does give emphasis more on the “ timber of ” process rather than the original conception art, although there are plenitude of beautiful full- color images of both hand- drawn and digital workshop created in the process. The maturity of images are prints from the series itself, and the book does an excellent job covering utmost of the angles from costumes to sets.

The stylish part of the book is the “ Tour of the Solar System ” chapter with a various and charming breakdown of each of the worlds and crucial locales visited throughout the series. These included the Astral Gate and several of the Mars locales. The raspberry’s- eye look at some of these mixed with the road views, particularly the grimy, literalism of New Tijuana, was a detail- filled highlight. I had delightful “ touring ” the worlds through these images and the accompanying textbook. This section also contains what I felt was the most beautiful position( and also the most faithful to the original series next to the Big Shot set), the Cathedral. The images of the windows alone were gorgeous.


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