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Moon Knight’s Khonshu Is Hasbro’s Latest Massive Marvel Build-a-Figure

Moon Knight fans will soon have the chance to add a Khonshu action figure to their collection in the form of a Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure from Hasbro.

The figure was announced during a Hasbro Pulse Fanstream recapping Marvel Legends announcements from San Diego Comic-Con 2022. This recreation of the Egyptian god of the moon has some impressive measurements, standing at over eight-and-a-half inches tall, well above the usual six-inch height of most Marvel Legends. The figure is fully articulated and features Hasbro’s pinless joint technology meaning that, despite its size, it’s highly poseable. As for accessories, the Khonshu comes with a cloak and his crescent staff which is taller than most other Marvel Legends figures by itself. To emulate the character’s floating skull, his neck post is translucent plastic allowing the head to seemingly bob in the air.

Since the Moon Knight character is a part of Hasbro’s Build-A-Figure system, acquiring Khonshu in all his deific splendor is not as simple as purchasing other action figures. Instead, each piece of the moon god will be spread out over seven other Marvel Legends figures all pulled from various Disney+ series: Zombie Iron Man, Zombie Scarlet Witch, Howard the Duck w/ Ant-Man Head, and Red Skull from What If…; He Who Remains and Classic Loki from Loki; and Agent Jimmy Woo from WandaVision. Currently, all of these figures are slated to release in February 2023 with a list price of $24.99.

For those looking to expand their set of Marc Spector alters, March 2023 will see the release of two more Marvel Legends Moon Knight figures channeling the Disney+ character design. One will be a depiction of Marc Spector as Moon Knight, including a crescent punch blade and multiple hands. The second spotlights Mr. Knight in a dapper white suit and includes a pair of batons, multiple hands, and a Build-A-Figure arm for Infinity Ultron. These, too, are currently listed at $24.99.

Moon Knight was originally created by Doug Moench and debuted in Werewolf by Night #32 as the antagonist, tasked with capturing the werewolf Jack Russell by the shadowy Committee. Upon learning of their evil plans for Russell, Moon Knight released him and the pair were able to defeat the organization and leave on amicable terms. After appearing in several other Marvel one-shots, Moon Knight #1 debuted in 1980 and ran for thirty-eight issues. Later Moon Knight runs were typically short-lived, though the recent Disney+ series has generated renewed interest. There is currently an ongoing Moon Knight series written by Jed MacKay, and the Fist of Khonshu is set to appear alongside Ms. Marvel in a new Marvel Team-Up.


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