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Mike Flanagan brings The Midnight Club to life | Instep

hat intro is so misleading but also kind of worth it. So, to clarify, not the Christopher Pike from Star Trek, and not The Midnight Club game. We’re talking about the surprisingly popular YA author Christopher Pike, who wrote the very epic (and now rebooted) The Last Vampire series (it was rebooted when Twilight happened and vampires were a thing again).

Pike, whose real name is Kevin McFadden, wrote within the mystery/thriller/horror/supernatural genres in the late ‘80s and the early ‘90s. Now, these genres were really popular back then and we had an absolute slew of writers fulfilling the demands of crazy ‘90s teens. Foremost of these, was Pike’s nemesis R.L.Stine, who was a little more readable, but only because he wrote horror-by-numbers-for-dum-mies books. #TeamPikeForever.

Now imagine growing up reading everything from Sati – a book about a woman who claims something unusual – to the Witch World books well into your 30s, add in a genuine adoration for the broad horror genre, and a very, very healthy appreciation for director Mike Flanagan. And then imagine a world where one of Christopher Pike’s books is adapted to screen by Mike Flanagan. Just the knowledge that this world now exists is enough to continue believing in miracles.


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