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Michael Trevino on the ‘Roswell, New Mexico’ Series Finale and Directing

Michael Trevino stars as Kyle Valenti on The CW’s Roswell, New Mexico. For occasion 4 × 09, “ Wild Wild West, ” the actor also serves as director. The series, which firstly premiered in 2019, is now in its fourth and final season. New occurrences of the sci- fi drama air Mondays at 8 pm ET/ PT. I had a awful time speaking with Trevino about directing such a memorable occasion, this season’s big moments between Isobel and Kyle, the impact that Roswell, New Mexico has in terms of representation, the series homestretch, and much further. Keep reading for our full discussion! Huge congrats on directing this occasion. It came out fantastic. What was your favorite part of directing this particular occasion because it’s a veritably delightful one with the whole Wild West rudiments?
Michael Trevino Great question. Yes, I was so veritably lucky because these pens wrote such a huge occasion. So as important as that was instigative, it spooked the hell out of me. I had to do that much further work in fix. As far as my part, wow – it would presumably be the most delicate part, which isn’t one specific one, but there are a lot of numbers and in the numbers, there’s a lot of gun knaveries with the fights, a lariat, and people dropping dead, honestly. So in shooting those numbers, I suppose, because those are so complicated, when we eventually get it right, it’s a great feeling.

I really love Liz and Kyle’s fellowship and the bond that they have. So I wanted to talk about the speech that Liz made to Kyle in this occasion, indeed if he was a steed at the time. What do you suppose makes their relationship so special and strong?
Well, because he has still always had her back, she’s had his, and over the course of four seasons, indeed if they ’ve had distance piecemeal, they ’d noway skip a beat. They ’re just both really down for each other, I suppose. So in those moments, we see Liz struggle throughout this occasion and although Kyle is there, but also not there, I suppose just like she said, Kyle is a gemstone in herlife.I hope you do n’t mind but I’ve to go back a many occurrences because I spoke with Lily Cowles about this and I’ve to get your response as well. We got some really amazing Kyle and Isobel content. I mean, they kissed, they slept together What was your response to all of that? What’s your stopgap for what happens with them going forward? Obviously, you know what actually happens, but can you give any teasers? We did have Isobel kind of talk a little bit about it with Maria, which I was thrilled about.
Yes, well, my response is eventually, I ’ve been staying four times for this to be. But good effects, they come to those who stay, and I do love that in our story, we ’ve always suggested and erected it for our followership, we did n’t just jump right into it. So I feel that it was gained, it was warranted, it was justified, this relationship that they have. Of course, once we get to a moment of like, “ oh, this is perfect, ” it ends up perhaps being not so perfect and I like that too because that’s life. Nothing is what it seems and so, I like where we ’re at with Kyle and Isobel. As far as the future for them both, I feel that in our Roswell world, there are outside circumstances that are going to bring them together just as important as it’s going to pull them piecemeal, and that makes for great TV. So that’s stuff we want to see.

I love that you and Lily had the same “ eventually ” response. I just demanded to point that out.


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