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Max Verstappen same as ‘every other driver’ unlike Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc

CHARLES LECLERC and Lewis Hamilton have been compared to their other F1 rivals, including MaxVerstappen.Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton are different to other motorists including Max Verstappen, according to Frederic Vasseur. The Alfa Romeo master claimed both Leclerc and Hamilton were the only motorists he has seen denounce themselves afterraces.Vasseur said both motorists approach tone- review “ relentlessly ” indeed if they’ve won the race. In comparison, he has claimed other motorists typically just celebrate thevictory.According to GP Blog, Vasseur said” piecemeal from his unexampled gift? I’ve only seen one other motorist be so ruthless in criticising himself when his performance was below par and that was Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton and Leclerc are the only motorists I’ve seen in my F1 career with tone- review, indeed after a palm.

“ All the other motorists would have gentled themselves on the shoulder, but these two know they should have driven better. They approach that relentlessly.”
Leclerc has given several honestpost-race interviews and apologised to the platoon after his miscalculations at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix and French Grand Prix before thisseason.The Ferrari star threw down seven points at Imola after stroking the subterfuge and spinning off into the hedge. But more crucially, he crashed out at Paul Ricard when putatively on course for a palm.

After his crash in France, Leclerc said “ It’s my fault and if I keep doing miscalculations like this also I earn not to win the crown. I ’m losing too numerous points, I suppose seven in Imola, 25 then because actually, we were the strongest auto on track moment.
“ So yes, if we lose the crown by 32 points at the end of the season, I’ll know from where they’re coming from. And it’s inferior, I just need to get on top of those effects. ” Hamilton was also critical of himself after crashing out of qualifying at the Austrian Grand Prix.


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