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Line of Duty’s Vicky McClure to receive honorary degree

Vicky McClure will be made a Croaker of Letters by the University of Nottingham.

She’ll admit her degree from the university’sPro-Vice-Chancellor for global engagement, Prof Robert Mokaya.
The actor, who’s from Nottingham herself, said to have her work recognised by the university was” a real honour”.

Ms McClure is best known for her places as Det Insp Kate Fleming in the BBC series Line of Duty, and Lol Jenkins in the film This Is England and its effectmini-series on Channel 4. In 2018, she joined forces with the university for the talkie Our Dementia Choir and created a chorus of people living with madness.
She was inspired to do this through minding for her Nana Iris and through her part as an minister for the Alzheimer’s Society.” The Dementia Choir have tutored me so much over the times,” she said.

” Through the television series to it getting a registered charity, it’s by far my proudest work to date.
” To have my work with madness recognised by the University of Nottingham is a real honour.

” They’ve played a huge part in helping myself and observers of the series understand scientifically the positive goods music has to people living with madness.”
The university said she’d collect her degree before delivering a speech to hundreds of scholars graduating from the university’s academy of Sociology and Social Policy.

Justine Schneider, professor of internal health and social care at the university, said” Vicky McClure’s commitment to the cause of madness is deeply particular, strong and continuing.
” Her television talkie with the Dementia Choir is a corner in public mindfulness of this common complaint and has changed comprehensions of what people with madness can achieve.”


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