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‘Letterkenny’ Spinoff Series ‘Shoresy’ Reveals a Hilarious, Jared Keeso-Filled Teaser

Letterkenny is a Canadian sitcom about the hilarious trials and tribulation of a rural Canadian town. Now, after ten seasons, it is getting a spin-off. Today, Hulu has released a teaser trailer and first look image for Shoresy, due out on the streamer later this spring.

Shoresy will be a six-episode spin-off and sees the show’s writer and creator Jared Keeso staring in the title role. In Letterkenny, which is also created by Keeso, Shoresy is a local hotshot Hockey player. In the original show, Keeso pulls double duty in playing the main character Wayne and the recurring character of Shoresy. The way the show handles Keeso playing both characters is by never showing Shoresy’s face and having Keeso read his lines in a falsetto voice. Shoresy will follow the title character as he is recruited from the local hockey team onto an AAA team.


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