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Let’s try the canceled and renamed Ghostbusters: Afterlife Muncher Madness Twinkies

Its been more than two years since we first reported on Hostess Muncher Madness Twinkies the quietly announced tie-in to Ghostbusters Afterlife that would have seen blue cream filled treats inspired by series newcomer Muncher.

While fans undoubtedly looked forward to snacking on these while enjoying Afterlife in theaters sadly it was not to be as after the film was delayed multiple times due to COVID-19 Hostess pulled the plug but as documented the story does not end there.In March of this year Hostess announced Tropical Blast Twinkies another blue cream-filled dessert that looked awkwardly similar leading many fans to believe that these were the planned Muncher Madness offering just under a different name. Heck, I even reached out to a few contacts typically in the know and they confirmed that both recipes were the same.

Skip ahead to just last month and those beliefs were cemented when the Twinkies began arriving on store shelves and select receipts displayed the SKU name GHSB an obvious short form of Ghostbusters.Given theres now a direct connection between the two and its just not in my head we had to grab a box for ourselves and feature them in a taste test much like we did back in 2016 when Hostess released their Key Lime Slime Twinkies. The only issue was much like most limited time Twinkie flavors these are US-exclusive meaning I would like to send a huge thank you to those that sent several boxes up to the Ghostbusters News HQ as featured in a recent episode of Fan Mail Friday.


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