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League of Legends patch 12.14 preview slammed by fans

League of Legends patch12.14 lurks upon the horizon, but Riot’s proposed changes have done little to inspire confidence with LoL’s top lanersMatt Leung- Harrison, the lead developer for Summoner’s Rift, lately twittered out quite a sizable list of changes coming in the League of Legends patch12.14. It appears to concentrate primarily on reducing the effectiveness of mending poems and particulars, while also dramatically adding the effect of drake suckers – especiallypre-soul. These changes would see a large shift in focus to the nethermost side of the chart, with drakes being indeed more precious than ahead leaving the top lane on an indeed lower islet than it was preliminarily, unloved and unnoticed. The implicit patch would also increase the cooldown for essential Summoner Spell, Teleport. Couple that with the nerfing of health sustain, and it leaves the top lane without important of an identity and indeed less agency. Smaller teleport spells on the chart mean smaller 5v5 platoon fights, and with the split- pushing meta a thing of distant memory it’s hard to see where this leaves the top mains.

Understandably, there were a lot of replies to Matt’s tweet, substantially people venting their enterprises about Riot feeding to the top 1 of challengers, rather than the player base as a whole. It could lead to a rise in titleholders with erected- in sustain( Darius springs to mind) while leaving those without healing in their tackle to fall indeed more by the wayside.
Beora, the LCS Critic for Evil Geniuses, replied to the original tweet “ Rly differ with this direction for the game, just ends up putting top lane in an indeed worse position where they’re basically useless as a part with the only fix being bandaid fixes like hullbreaker ” Matt answered back with “ While Dragon price is being buffed, we ’re also adding the needed time invested which should increase brigades ’ capacities to either mount a successful contest or trade sides and get a dive Herald trade-> dive off. ”


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