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‘Jurassic World Dominion’ Teams Up With Reebok for Prehistoric Sneaker Line

With Jurassic World Dominion out now and stomping to big returns at the box office, Reebok has announced they’re returning to the franchise with a new line of prehistoric sneakers befitting an archeologist. Where the last team-up between Reebok and Universal threw back to the beginning of the franchise with a vibrant design reminiscent of the Ford Explorers of the original Jurassic Park, the new line is steeped in prehistory while evoking the feeling of the modern Jurassic World films. Each pair of sneakers comes encased in amber or at least an “amber-inspired” box, embracing the scientific themes present in Dominion.

None of the pairs have the same bright colors and extra features attached like the Jurassic Park sneakers, but each hits on a different aspect of the film. Moreover, the promo photos show off the pairs in their native habitats matching the different themes for each. First up is the Answer DMX which looks as if made of T. rex skin and comes emblazoned with the classic logo along with Jurassic World in the iconic font of the film. Meanwhile, the Classic Leather Ripple pays homage to Blue and Beta with a signature stripe down the sides, a name tag, claw marks, and an insect imprint. To represent Biosyn, the LX2200 and Club C Revenge feature genome sequences and amber accents along with sleek black and white designs to fit the more sterile, researched-focused nature of the genetics company. Rounding out the group are the Beatniks which mimic the look of a fossil imprint, the Zig Kinetica 2.5s that mix the colors of the Atrociraptors for a reptilian style, and the worn-out Nano X-2 Adventures, perfect for running from loose dinos.


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