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Is Elsa The Strongest Disney Princess? Who Could Beat Her?

Elsa has the most supernatural ability of all the Disney Princesses, but who would be able to stand their ground in a fight against Frozen’s Queen?

Every Disney Princess has one characteristic that she’s most known for—whether it’s her kindness, her independence, or her intelligence—and for Frozen’s Elsa, her most well-known attribute is her magical strength. Elsa’s supernatural control of ice is a central plot point for both Frozen movies, but although she has shown some truly awesome displays of magic, the extent of Elsa’s powers is yet to be revealed. Is Elsa really the strongest Disney Princess?

The Disney Princess franchise began in 1937 and now includes twelve official princesses. To qualify as a Disney Princess, a character must be female, human (except Ariel, who is a mermaid), must either be born into or marry into royalty (except Mulan, who qualifies through heroism), and must star in an original film. There are other shared characteristics between these characters, such as the fact that many Disney Princesses have animal companions, but these aren’t technically required. Despite meeting all of these qualifications, Elsa isn’t an official Disney Princess—perhaps because her supernatural abilities make her stand out too much from every other princess in the line-up. Not to mention that Elsa is a queen, whereas Elsa’s sister Anna is depicted as a princess.

Throughout the Frozen franchise, Elsa creates and manipulates water into ice and controls the weather, such as when she plunges Arendelle into the depths of winter. She’s also able to freeze a person’s mind or heart, a state which she accidentally inflicts on Anna twice in the first movie. Perhaps most impressively, Elsa can also create life, as she did with Olaf, Marshmallow, and the snowgies. Elsa also has the ability to tap into water memory, and as the fifth spirit she can awaken the spirits of wind, water, fire, and earth. If she appeared in any of the other Disney Princesses’ movies, there’s no doubt that Elsa would be cast as the Evil Queen, because some of her abilities have quite dark implications, especially at times when Elsa’s emotions cause her to lose control of her powers.


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