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Interview: Love, Victor’s Anthony Turpel

Still, you tend to see that by the third season,( in this case, If you follow a series as nearly as we do. Some stay the same, others dwindle slightly, but it takes an factual long term plan to have a part grow as important as Anthony Turpel ‘s Felix on the criminally uncredited Hulu series Love, Victor. When the show started back in 2020, Turpel was memorable as Felix Weston, the wisecracking stylish friend and neighbour of the series lead Victor( played skillfully by Michael Cimino). But as the series began to reveal that it was further than a teen show about a queer boy, the bow of Felix is that he began to date popular girl Lake( Bebe Wood), also they broke up and tried to remain musketeers in further than name only, also he discovered he’d a crush on Victor’s youngish family Pilar, played by detail Take favourite Isabella Ferreira. also we come to see that Felix is in part so frequently at the apartment of the Salazar family as he has difficulty taking care of his mama , played by Breaking Bad ‘s( and The Valet’s) Betsy Brandt. Eventually, although the over all sounded to sound potent serious, to balance the tones with a blend of comedy and drama was a Felix thing. He really endured further growth than perhaps any other character on the series( and also, his popular ShawnMendes-esque hairstyle grew).

We requested a reprise engagement to speak with Felix’s portrayer, actor Anthony Turpel, who sat down with us upon the series coming to an end and reflected on awful moments from the once season and the series as a whole. also we had Turpel show off his lovable canine, who was lurking hard for our entire videotape interview


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